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Welcome to Anoneh ™, the techie website of Hanafi Harron, otherwise known as da Gangsta Webmasta ™. Why or what is anoneh? The term Anoneh (anoooo neh) is a Japanese expression. It means something like "you know right" ... which actually doesn't mean anything. I heard that often while watching Japanese Anime and their dramas.

More importantly, if you search "anoneh" in any search engine, you will see this website on the first row. ("gangsta webmasta" also lead to this page)

There is a common misconception that a good web developer is an expert user in some leading edge software or a framework right? Web development is a fast changing field and what you learn in school or software you use may become obsolete in a few years.

However, there are some basics which many tend to overlook even for someone with 14 years of experience like myself. This website is mainly for my own consumption and covers these basics. Please note that :

I use apt and apt-get or with sudo randomly but you should already know that it is all the same
Things may not be explained in detail. Sorry for my laziness
It may not be in any order. Sometimes I just write what is happening or what I am doing
If things are just too complicated (or too easy), I'm sorry, maybe this website is not for you
This website looks best in any modern web browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc. BUT not in IE. IE sux!
English may not be up to your standard... apologies to my English teacher
If you think this website is not fancy enough, it is because my priority is on contents
This site doesn't look good in your mobile devices. It's a shame I know but I think bootstrap restricts my freedom
Anoneh's motto is KISS or Keep it Simple Silly!

You may contact me via email : hanafi AT or by mobile : +65 985OO170

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