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Posted under » Design » Simple CMS on 04 April 2009

Without careful attention to how people navigate your site, you could unintentionally be creating a frustrating experience for any potential visitor. People visit your site for specific information, and if they cannot find it they will quickly go elsewhere, leaving with the impression that your business is disorganized in more than just its website.

Initially I used a dhtml menu on the top left plus the use of categories. However, when I introduced the top bar search, I find the menu redundant.

Web breadcrumbs were used on this site. It was removed because breadcrumbs are not necessarily appropriate for sites whose content is so rich that single categories do not fully describe a particular piece of content. For example, is OOP under PHP or Actionscript? In general, wherever a strict hierarchy is not applicable, location breadcrumbs are inappropriate.

In it's place are categories which I place under the title. We often see this in blogs while some call it taxonomy or tags.

In this website, I am trying to achieve the look and feel of a blog driven website. As I am writting articles, it would be a good idea if I include the article's date. In blogs you can have your articles sorted according to date other than by categories.

I hope you find this website easy to navigate.

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