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Posted under » Simple CMS updated on 11 October 2011

Clean. Easy to use. User-friendly. Intuitive.

This is website is using simple technology. Part of my 2009 new year resolution to "keep things simple stupid" (KISS) and effective.

Simple technology doesn't use any bloated CMS like Wordpress or Joomla. It doesn't even use a database. The minimum web server specs is PHP5! Other functionalities are done using client-side scripts like JavaScript and flash. As long as I can separate contents from layout like any CMS, I'm happy. Well not quite happy, maybe a bit of extra stuff are needed.

Most of the things taught in anoneh, is being used in this website. I only recommend what I use and is proven to work. I could not use wordpress and claim that I am a web expert because most of the fancy stuff you see on wordpress are done by wordpress and not the owner of the wordpress website. Wordpress is meant for everyone and even a teenager who knows nothing about web development can do a website with wordpress.

All the graphics, layout in this website is original and done by hand. I guarantee that no other site out there look or feel like anoneh. More info on anoneh css.

Having a simple website makes it easy for you to migrate. Migrating a website from one server to another can be a daunting task because not all servers are the same. Anoneh can only grow and get better over time.

I did consider using a mobile friendly template using bootstrap but my target is for serious people using a PC for work.

Simple technology may work on small and personal websites that demand agility but not practical for large websites. For that you need CMS or some kind of framework.

Remember my friends, KISS because less is more.

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