Installing Bazaar (CVS) Explorer in Ubuntu

Posted under » Ubuntu » Linux on 1 November 2009

Before I begin, Bazaar is the new CVS or SVN and Bazaar Explorer is the client like Tortoise SVN. etc.

Installing Bazaar Explorer on windows is not that difficult and it took me about 10 mins. You just have to install python and then qbzr first. QBzr is a cross platform, Qt-based front-end for Bazaar, providing GUI applications for many core bzr commands. Installing QBzr will also install PyQt and Qt. Of course you need Python for all these to run.

Now, I tried installing Bazaar Explorer on Ubuntu desktop version expecting it to be a breeze but alas, I was wrong.

According to the instructions, you have to install QBzr, PyQt, Qt and bzr and it must be the latest version especially QBzr. This is where the main installation headache lies all thanks to launchpad, the creator of this tool.

Fire up synaptic > System/Administration/Synaptic. The current version is the old version. Read the instructions here The steps are to get the new version are.

Then, in a terminal (x-term only because this is gnome), follow what remained of the instructions on the Bazaar Explorer Linux Installation page: normally @ ~/.bazaar/plugins

$ cd .bazaar 
$ mkdir plugins
$ cd plugins
$ bzr branch lp:bzr-explorer explorer
$ bzr explorer

The last command may not work.

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