MongoDB overview

Posted under » MongoDB on 1 January 2024

Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu was a breeze.

You can see that it was installed at /var/lib/mongodb.

The config files are at /etc/mongod.conf

MongoDB is not autostart by default but you can start it by

Check status

$ systemctl status mongod

To stop and start

$ service mongod start

If you feel like to start automatically,

$ systemctl enable mongod

Begin using MongoDB. Start a mongosh session on the same host machine as the mongod. You can run mongosh without any command-line options to connect to a mongod that is running on your localhost with default port 27017.

$ mongosh
test» show dbs
admin   40.00 KiB
config  60.00 KiB
local   72.00 KiB

In MongoDB default database is test. If you didn't create any database, then collections will be stored in test database.

If you wish to backup and export data.

» Basic commands

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