Drupal first thing

Posted under » Drupal on 06 November 2010

  1. create a mysql database.
  2. with the mysql password and all, setup your drupal. The install script will write it for you. You must however make the settings.php writable and available by copying from the default that was given.
  3. type "www.newsite.com/install.php". In the latest versions, you will be redirected automatically
  4. change the apache host file and create a 'drupal site'. if you want to create a test site first which is usually the case. Don't forget to restart apache, browser etc.
  5. Install will populate the mysql table. Make sure your mysql settings are correct.
  6. There could be file permissions problem on the /sites/files directory so please refer here.
  7. Once installed. You can make your settings file unwritable for security or in other words 0755. The folder for the settings file should also be 0755.
  8. In ver. 7, you must have gd install for your PHP.
  9. You will need to have mod rewrite activated if you want clean url
  10. run drupal cron for the first time
  11. set the modules
  12. customise it


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