Enhancing Visual Communication

Posted under » Design on 23 April 2011

The very fact that usability plays a part in our layouts says something about its value and importance. These tips can enhance your website’s visual communication:

Use color to enhance a website’s appeal; color association can be quite strong.
Your logo represents your identity; it should be professional and high quality.
Icons provide recognizable points of reference.
Font's may not be of much choice but keep the typography and css slick.
If you want your website to look professional, keep visual clutter to a minimum.
Your website layout should be compatible with browsers and devices.
It takes less than a second for a user to make a judgment; try to impress rather than shock.
A design should represent your content and services; don’t use templates without customizing them.
Size matters! Large font can draw attention to important bits of content.
Don’t be afraid to make the website fun and quirky; just be sure it’s not too distracting.
Design patterns put users at ease because users are able to recall features from memory.
Visibility is central to communication; give users the cues they need to scroll.
If you redesign the site, keep the things that work! Users hate having to relearn skills.
An attractive layout will get a user’s attention, but make sure there is substance to maintain it.
If your website promotes a physical location, match the designs so that visitors know what to expect.


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