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For ubuntu server installation, First thing is to login. It will create a user call ubuntu. The default password is also 'ubuntu' but you will be asked to change it to a more secure password. Login as root and do apt update. Then proceed to

$ apt install openssh-server 
$ apt install net-tools

The hostname by default is ubuntu and in AWS it is usually 'ip-173-10-2-4' and you might want to customise it

$ hostnamectl set-hostname "pidua chantek" --pretty
$ hostnamectl set-hostname pidua --static
$ hostnamectl
 Static hostname: pidua
       Icon name: computer-vm
         Chassis: vm
      Machine ID: bba832ceb88846b1a9045c9f200dcc6c
         Boot ID: 91f2bc50a5a24c6bac349ddd5245afa8
  Virtualization: amazon
Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
          Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-1026-aws
    Architecture: x86-64
 Hardware Vendor: Amazon EC2
  Hardware Model: t3.medium

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