Drupal migration to version 8

Posted under » Drupal on 11 April 2019

Unlike previous major version upgrades of Drupal core, the Drupal 8 upgrade process does not upgrade the source site in-place. Instead, configuration and content entities are migrated from the source site to a clean Drupal 8 site.

You need to provide details of the database connection details for your Drupal 6 / 7 source site.

Keep in mind that the upgrade process will overwrite configuration on the Drupal 8 site, so do not do any configuration of the Drupal 8 site until after the upgrade process is complete.

You can start the upgrade process by visiting the /upgrade path of your Drupal 8 site. If you get a Page not found error, verify you have enabled the 'Migrate Drupal UI' module.

You might want to define public and private files directories of your source site so that files can be copied to your Drupal 8 site. See screenshot.

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