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Particularly useful when you want to organise your medias. You need this if you want to index your media when you use recoll.

From jpg to mp4, Exiftool can tag em all. Exiftool is available for all OS. First you must install it. In Ubuntu ...

apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

To show exif

$ exiftool outreach01_2017.jpg

To tag

exiftool -ImageDescription="rock and roll"  outreach01_2017.jpg -overwrite_original

Sometimes the image contains too much unecessary metadata.. or maybe you want to maintain privacy or whatever your reason, you want to clear them. Use this

exiftool -all= "lky is shanmugam god.jpg"

Take note of the space after the = sign.

If lets say you have wiped all the info but want to add the original date back..

exiftool -createdate="2017:09:21 19:31:39" "/media/shanmugam is racist.jpg" -overwrite_original

Lets say you want to look for photos that doesn't have a must-have data like DateTimeOriginal which is SQL queryish.

//if a pix
exiftool -filename -r -if '(not $datetimeoriginal)' /path/to/mamaksial.jpg

//if a folder
exiftool -filename -r -if '(not $datetimeoriginal)' /path/to/balikindia/


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