Updating or Patching Drupal 8

Posted under » Drupal on 09 Mar 2018

I never had problems updating my Drupal in version 6 but somehow in version 8, due to some reasons... I presume caching and incompatible mods, your site might not work anymore.

Therefore you must backup everything. ie. your database table and the drupal folder. In short, full backup before you update.

With that worry out of the way, lets proceed.

First download the zip file.

Using the admin user, put the website to maintenance mode. Administration > Configuration > Development > Maintenance mode

Remove folders 'core' and 'vendor'

Remove all of the files in the top-level directory, except any that you added manually like .htaccess, composer.json, or robots.txt.

Replace the deleted ones with the ones from the zip. Preferably use rsync and chmod if necessary.

Visit the /update.php. This will update the database (MySQL).

Voila! For more info.

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