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The JOIN statement.

$result = mysqli_query($dbhandle,"SELECT author_name, title, year, publication_list_details.created AS lahir, publication_list_charged_cost_centres.cost_centre_id AS kostid, user_cost_centers.organization_name AS kostname FROM publication_list_details LEFT OUTER JOIN (publication_list_charged_cost_centres INNER JOIN user_cost_centers ON ) ON WHERE status = 1 ORDER BY year DESC");

This looks scarry. What I want to introduce above is () in sql query. There is this LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Other than alias, sometimes it is easier on the eye if you reduce the table name to just a letter.

$result = mysqli_query($dbhandle,"SELECT AS publication_id, p.user_id AS group_leader, p.title, p.status AS active, p.category, p.author_name AS author, p.year, p.volume, p.pages, AS pdf_url, AS pdf_data, p.abstract, p.publisher_url, p.modified AS last_update, '".$updateType."' AS update_type, j.tier
FROM publication_list_details p
LEFT JOIN publication_list_files f ON = f.publication_list_detail_id
LEFT JOIN publication_journals j ON = p.journal_id
WHERE = ".$id");

publication_list_details is being reduced to just p. The other tables being f and j which is being defined on the left join.

Take note that if the join is not valid, the record will not be shown.

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