Difference between PHP and Python

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In PHP you end a line with ; but in Python, you have to pay attention to your indent. It may not cause an error for Python but the logic could be problematic.

Concatenate of strings is different in python. In python, you do this where goyay is an integer.

goyayurl = '/feels/'+ str(goyay) +'/'

In PHP we do this.

$goyayurl = '/feels/'.$goyay.'/';

However for python, you use . to concatenate commands eg.

c_title = a_title.replace('\n', ' ').replace('\\','\\\\')

MySQL update in PHP may look like this.

mysqli_query($dbhandle, "UPDATE consent SET answered = $question_id WHERE student_id=$study");

Where in Django it look less SQL but more python

Profile.objects.filter(id=current_user_id).update(status = '02')

To insert it look like this

for consent in Consent.objects.filter(student_id=study):
 consent.answered = question_id

In Python, greater than


In PHP the SQL is

SELECT ... WHERE id > 4;

Other examples of making queries

String filter Case-sensitive starts-with.


In Php more sql

SELECT ... WHERE headline LIKE 'Lennon%';

In PHP we use 'elseif' but in Python we use 'elif'

See also Django filter. More on Django query.

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