OpenVPN with Nord

Posted under » Linux on 13 Aug 2021

Nord provides instructions for Linux on how to set up their VPN. It is easy to use but it could get buggy so that is why I write this article.

OpenVPN is another way to use VPN. Install

$ sudo apt install openvpn -y

Read more info on Linux client commands. You also set up an Open VPN server and read ubuntu notes.

You can find a good Nord server here.

As usual, you login to Nord. Then go to the Nord dashboard.

Go to "Advanced configuration" > "Service credentials (manual setup)"

Once you get the credentials, you can connect to the VPN servers. The information you need are, the server you need to connect and the Nord 'service credentials'.

$ openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/ovpn_tcp/

You will be prompted for your credentials and you will be connected by VPN. Check your IP here.

$ ip a show tun0

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