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Posted under » Linux » LAMP Security on 13 October 2009

ipconfig is windows in linux the equivalent is "ifconfig -a". However of late, people are using

$ ip a
$ ip address show
$ ip a show wlan0
$ ip a show tun0 #if exist

`ifconfig' is outdated (for instance, it lacks full support for network namespaces), and `ip' is designed for the modern network.

"netstat -an | grep LISTEN" shows you which ports are open.

LDAP connect

$ cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.221209    
$ traceroute -In 
$ ldapsearch -x -h -b ou=people,dc=bii,dc=a-star,dc=edu,dc=sg uid=clebok

Secure your connection with VPN.

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