Changing file, group ownership and chmod

Posted under » Linux on 18 May 2012

Check how many groups

cat /etc/group

List all the groups of which the current user is a member


To add a user to a specific group use

usermod -G name-of-group -a 'name-of-user'

Changing file ownership
Note.. CAPS may not work on some systems.

chown you some_file 

Please see mac version.

The group ownership of a file or directory

chgrp new_group some_file

You can do both chown and chgrp at the same time by.

chown lky:apache new_group some_file
chown lky:apache /var/some_folders/ -R

Where apache is the group and lky is the owner.


Note that linux commands are case sensitive. You cannot use CHMOD but only chmod will work.

chmod 600 some_file -R

Note do not chmod when you are root. Do it when you are owner.

Use the above for setting up Apache www folder permissions.

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