Posted under » Raspberry Pi updated on 01 March 2021

Your Raspberry Pi needs an operating system to work. Install the OS using Raspberry Pi Imager.

You will be given many options which is just awesome. The most popular is Raspberry Pi OS which was formerly known as Raspbian.

Put an SD card to begin. All the contents of the card will be wiped out so best to install a fresh one.

Hardware issues.

Once you get pass the rainbow screen, then you haz success. For older board.. Pi version 1 you will see the config screen after the rainbow

If you don't need the desktop and installing ubuntu server version 21.10 (for Pi), then you need to have SSH installed.

IMHO the Raspberry Pi OS is the best for most beginners because it makes configuration easy. For example, you can configure it to reboot to the desktop without password and you are then able to onnect remotely using VNC or SSH which is pre-installed.

For pi 4 when you

$ sudo raspi-config

You will see this

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