Posted under » CakePHP on 8 May 2019

If you been following the earlier tutorial, then good for you. That's the best way to learn. However, you might want cake to 'Bake' a complete MVC skeleton, using all the available tables automatically.

Your database must be setup properly. Install the latest cakephp using composer.

The go to the cake directory and hit

./bin/cake bake all --everything

You will see something very simple and basic. You can use tags and slugs which is quite useful in a blog.

You can beautify it later with bootstrap or change other stuff.

The thing is, bake is not restricted to the CakePhp example which is helpful in learning. You can create your own table according to your needs. An example.

It is not just CRUD - create, read, update & delete that I am looking for, bake can create pagination, table column sort and one to many relationship.

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