Start a django website

Posted under » Django on 23 April 2021

By now, you should have install venv and under this environment you have installed django.

First go to your webroot folder and

$ django-admin startproject students

If you intend to use apache then configure WSGI.

2nd you want to create a superuser.

While still under the venv environment, go the webroot folder

$ python createsuperuser

You may have this error so please comply.

You have 18 unapplied migration(s). Your project may not work properly until you apply the migrations for app(s): admin, auth, contenttypes, sessions.
Run 'python migrate' to apply them.

You will be prompted for a username, an email address, and a password for your user.

Next we will migrate from SQLite to MySQL. You should already have installed MySQLclient. Create database and user. Add the mysql bit in

$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
$ sudo systemctl restart mysql

We need to verify that the configurations in Django detect your MySQL server properly. Run this.

$ python migrate

Now go the the website URL and see if everything works.

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