Drupal upgrade issues

Posted under » Drupal on 23 Jan 2023

The thing I don't like about PHP and Drupal is that things get obselete pretty fast.

From version 9 to 10

It is a good idea to upgrade or install using composer. You must have internet connection for this to work. However, your modules and themes must be ready for the next version.

You can do it manually by downloading Drupal and do to the /update.php option. Before it will update, it will check if you meet the requirements.

I was using an old incompatible theme so I changed it to claro but you still need to have that unused theme in the new version. According to the status report, there are 2 modules CKeditor and RDF which are obsoleted. However, I was unable to turn it off. The only way is to unistall it. Now I don't see the status report nag anymore.

Refer to the list of depreciated themes and modules .

From version 8 to 9

I have to migrate all my ver 8 websites to version 9 as it will reached its EOL end of 2021. It was easy.

You must ensure that all your ver. 8 modules are Drupal 9 ready. If not you have to disable it. Copy or rsync my sites folder to drupal 9. Adjusted my Apache config and restarted my Apache. It worked and now I am in Drupal 9. It seems drupal ver 8 and 9's sites folder format are quite similar.

As usual you have to update the tables to version 9. When I try to do that, I encountered this error.

"Your /settings.php file must define the $settings['config_sync_directory'] setting as a string containing the directory in which configuration files can be found

To fix this, you go to your settings file and change from the old $config_directories['sync'] to $settings['config_sync_directory'] . You will then be able to update your tables.

If somehow you get a website error, clear all your cache from the DB.

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