DRF(Django REST Framework) installation

Posted under » Django on 23 Sep 2021

REST framework requires the following:

Check our python version by

$ python

Which gives us Python 3.8. We have already installed Django under venv. Let's look at what we have installed via

$ pip list

We have Django 3.1.6. Thus we have met the requirements and continue with installing the REST framework.

$ pip install djangorestframework
Successfully installed djangorestframework-3.13.1 pytz-2022.1
$ pip install markdown       # Markdown support for the browsable API.
$ pip install django-filter

I shall continue with my current project so I don't have to start a django website.

We have already created an app but I want to create a new one ie. napi.

$ python manage.py startapp napi

Once the folders and files are created, follow thru the URL configuration. Test that http://mysite/napi/ works.

Activate by adding 'rest_framework' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting. Add your new django app 'napi' too.


We have already created the Mysql database and the admin superuser.

First thing to try out is DRF Serialization.

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